Scientific Analytics Inc. Completes Acquisition of DARI Motion

Transaction positions DARI Motion as the leader in unlocking the intelligence of human movement

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.Feb. 28, 2018 — Scientific Analytics Inc. (SAI) completed the asset purchase of Dynamic Athletic Research Institute, LLC (DARI/DARI Motion) in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Through the acquisition of DARI Motion, SAI has solidified its position as a pioneer in the “movement of movement.” SAI intends to revolutionize the way people understand and think about how their body moves by utilizing bio-mechanical analytics. “We know every person has their own unique movement signature, and we know movement can signal injury and performance indicators,” said Todd Gleason, Chief Executive Officer of SAI. “The more people know and understand how they move, the healthier that movement – and they – can be.”

Gleason expands on the asset acquisition, “We were initially introduced to DARI’s technology in 2015 and immediately saw the market opportunity. We launched a formal partnership in 2016, and after seeing success, decided to formally purchase the assets of the company.”

SAI was hands-on as soon as the initial partnership was launched. They infused resources to advance the technology as well as added sales and marketing teams to penetrate markets. Additionally, the company added capital to increase inventory and expand the overall footprint. Sales have consistently grown including a doubling of orders quarter-over-quarter throughout 2017. The company believes its human motion database and corresponding video capture archive are the largest collection of motion data files in the world which may be used for future research and revenue streams.

Because of DARI Motion’s versatility, they have had success penetrating a wide variety of key segments:

  • Performance and athletics – from professional sports to NCAA and other amateur programs
  • Corporate wellness – including several of the largest corporate wellness programs in the U.S.
  • Military performance – with installations at a number of military bases
  • Everyday wellness and performance – including numerous elite performance facilities

Gleason sees the completed acquisition as the next step in improving the motion health of people all over the world. “DARI Motion users can quickly access accurate biomechanical data for anyone that gets screened in the system. Then that data can be used immediately to drive improvement. We will be able to help people get ahead of small biomechanical issues before they become large, expensive problems.”

About DARI Motion Software
DARI Motion is a markerless motion analytics software platform offered by Scientific Analytics, Inc. It is the world’s first and only technology that delivers validated 3D kinematic and kinetic motion analytics without sensors, markers, or force plates. The data is accurate, reproducible, and available at an unprecedented speed. DARI Motion delivers research-grade biomechanics at population scale.

About Scientific Analytics Inc.
SAI is a markerless motion analytics company. They have the world’s largest database of biomechanical data with tens of billions of data points already collected – and growing daily. Their focus and commitment to improving the way we understand how the body moves has led to several exciting commercial partnerships that will be launching in early 2018.

Originally posted on the Kansas City Business Journal.